Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Penis Extensions

I found an article I'd like to share with you all. I found it kind of disturbing that we find our bodies so unexceptable sometimes that we do things to our selves that can end up very harmful. I feel this is one of those things. This article is written by Suzi Godson and you can find it in its entirety at I have included most of the article but there is some more at this web address.
The Harley Group which runs 10 private clinics in Britain, has just released figures for 2002 which show that more than a third of the operations it carried out on men were for penis extensions, granted,men still only make-up 35% of the groups patients but their average age was between 22-37. Which suggests that it is very young men who are falling prey to the insecurities that have eaten away at female self-esteem since the mirror was invented.
The "normal" flacid penis is only 3.5 inches long and 3.9 inches in circumference. When erect it is 5.1 inches long and 4.9 inches in circumference. However the popular assumption that bigger is better, has left the average man feeling like Mr Inadequate. The results is a queue at the cosmetic surgeons door.
The basic operation involves making a small incision just above the base of the shaft and releasing the suspension ligament, which holds part of the penis inside the body. Cutting the ligament causes the penis to drop and protrude further outwards, giving between one half inch-one inch extra length. Patient may be advised to suspend weights from their penis two-three times a day for several months to prevent it from retreating into the body.
Though the scar will be hidden by pubic hair , guys who have had penis extensions may find that the skin that has dropped down to form the top of their shaft also sprouts pubic hair. Which can look odd. But not as odd as their erections which generally point down to the floor.
Guys with a slender penis can hace their girth enlarged using the fat transfer technique. This involves removing 3 oz. of fat from the lower abdomen by liposuction, purifying it and reinserting it into the base of the artifically erect penis. Over the next 6 months the fat is gradually absorbed until only 20% remains. the process can be repeated but results are unpredictable and the remaining fat can cause internal scarring which gives the penis a knobbly surface.
Dermal graft augmentation is another way of widening the penis. Strips of fat are removed from the buttocks and inserted through an incision in the penis where they are wrapped around the shaft like a scarf. This can add approximately 30-50 % in circumference. But there is no guarantee that the fat slabs won't shift, giving the penis a deformed contour.
Even though the American Urological Association considers penis extensions and enlargement to be " procedures which have not been shown to be safe, last year 15,000 American men went ahead with surgery. Complications can be swelling, infection, scarring, deformity, difficulty urinating, and problems with sexual functioning.
I find this really disturbing for a man to go through this just to be bigger or thicker. There are other ways to improve yourself or spice up your sex life besides these drastic moves.
How about penis extensions like you see above in the picture.otions Or strap-ons . Lets try costumes like a sexy nurse or a cheerleader, some sexy lingerie.Maybe or edible panties. Maybe some games to spice for-play up. So many things we can do for each other and for our selves to make things fun and pleasureable and not harm our bodies by having dangerous surgery.
This is just my opinion on this subject but I wanted to share this article with people because it stunned me to think of someone going through this surgery
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